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From Spirit and Binding NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan Continues Lyric S Prophecy In This Breathtaking Sequel To From Flame And AshIn My Quest To Unlock Four Of My Five Elements, I Have Watched Those I Love Fade Into Ash And Ruin Bearing The Weight Of Soul Crushing Loss, My Friends And I Must Try To Regroup And Journey Back To The Only Home I Have Left The Obscurit CourtWith The Future Uncertain, And The One Person Who Could Help My Control My New Powers Missing, I Ve Never Felt LostThe King Of Lumi Re Wants Revenge For His Lost Brother, And I Stand In His Way With A Missing King, A Lost Prince, And A Few Unexpected Allies, I Will Have To Battle Than One Enemy As The Darkness Wraps It S Claws In My Future And In My Heart Book FROM BREATH AND RUINBook FROM FLAME AND ASHBook FROM SPIRIT AND BINDINGBook FROM SHADOW AND SILENCE

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    The third book had everything I was hoping for andI loved seeing pieces fall into place from 2 perspectives and watching our favorite characters grow in their powers and friendships.

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    Just like book 2 it left me wanting , can t wait for the final book

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    I just finished reading From Spirit and Binding and just wow I already loved this series and it just keeps getting better There is so much happening and it feels as though as a reader you grow with the characters and Lyric especially I started reading yesterday and I only stopped shortly to sleep but I just had to keep reading so I finished it within 24 hours From Flame

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    Never Waver The book started off where the previous one, FLAME AND ASH left off, with Easton disappearing after the battle with the Kind of the water Not to mention Rhodes death Lyric and her surviving friends allies needed to regroup and attend to their wounded There were losses on both sides, being the lost Priestess and the roads that are leading to her ascension were tak

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    Yes We finally getanswers as Lyric continues on the path set out in the prophecy, but they come at a high cost This book, like the others, has some very emotional moments, in between the fighting and wielding, though Lyric is not granted the luxury of breaking down as the Maisons depend on her to fulfill her destiny and save their world It s not easy being the savior, but in this

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    4.5 stars The Elements of Five series by Carrie Ann Ryan is different than anything I have previously read from this author and I loved it I do not normally read fantasy fiction, and yet I got lost in these stories Narrated by Bailey Carr and Holter Graham, From Spirit and Binding by Carrie Ann Ryan, the third book in the series, was captivating from start to finish I loved the charac

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    I ve never really been into fantasy, and YA, but I m really enjoying this series The characters seem to be maturing and working together as a team instead of against each other The realms are divided, yet the royal families from both have switched sides and are fighting for what they believe in There are traitors on both sides that must be weeded out in order for good to prevail Add in the

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    We have the next part of the series that gives us so many of the needed answers from the questions we had from the previous story However now we are dying to know what is going to happen in the next book This one was epic and amazing as her books are and leaves us wantingfrom her I love all the characters in the book Lyric, Easton, Rhodes, Wyn and too many others to name, we ve gotten to know t

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    This is the third book in the series and it is not a stand alone We rejoin Lyric on her journey to become the spirit priestess I loved the twists and turns for the characters in this book Things becomeintense as she comes into her powers and continues on this journey with her friends and allies I don t know what to say without giving something away and I don t want to spoil a moment for anyone Epic

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    This installment of this series was a much awaited for addition Now things are coming together in this action packed installment for Lyric but I was left with wantingwhen I finished With the new knowledge, Lyric must protect those who are close to her as well as the realm I enjoyed the return of the characters from the previous books as this tale continues and I look forward to the next installment so th

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